Nick | Nick Horvat - My Principles - Integrative Coaching In Tennis
Nick Horvat - My Principles - Integrative Coaching In Tennis
Nick Horvat, Tennis Coach, Principles, Integrative Coaching, Tennis
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My principles

My principles

  • My approach is integrative coaching; applying knowledge from tennis, fitness, psychology, nutrition and personal development to the tennis court.


  • Power of fundamentals; doing ordinary exercise in an extraordinary way. It’s less about what you do, and more about how you do it!


  • Repetition; nothing helps a player to master his skills more than a quality repetition. Hitting a winner at important point requires mastering that shot to a perfection, and it can only be learned by every day practice. “Every athlete can make the technical adjustment in five or ten repetitions, and it will look good in a staged and closed environment, but they need thousands of repetitions to make sure that they can do the same adjustment when they’re at 30-30 or a big point.” Dr. Mark Kovacs


  • General conditioning; physical and mental condition is a foundation for success in any profession. How much you can take physically and mentally will strongly influence your achievement. You can’t have one without another, that is to say; you can’t improve your physical capabilities, without mental commitment and dedication, and by expanding your physical limits, you are automatically working on that mental muscle.


  • I believe in the power of choices, and taking responsibility for your actions. Most tennis matches are won or lost long before they even started. Work hard, eat healthy, sleep enough, read, learn, be on time, spend time with family, respect others. “Everything that is happening at this moment is a result of the choices you’ve made in the past.” – Deepak Chopra


  • I believe more in the concept and principles, and less in solutions for any specific situation. If the former is good, the latter comes naturally.


  • I try to inspire and motivate the player for everyday challenges with my own personal standards and lifestyle; “No written word no spoken plea, can teach our youth what they should be. Nor all the books on all the shells is what teachers are themselves” – John Wooden


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